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BioMouse — a multi-purpose psychophysiological laboratory in a computer mouse

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General Information

Russian company “NeuroLab” is specialized in designing and elaborating the complex means for the needs of psychophysiology and its various aspects of application and scientific research. Our company was founded in 1988. At the beginning, the fundamental task for the company was the technical realization of original psychophysiological methods.

These methods were elaborated while

  • Selecting and preparing the candidates for the teams of cosmonaut and the spaceship crews
  • Gathering the scientific expeditions, including international
  • Forming the sport teams and crews
  • Evaluating the professional aptness for performing specific activities related to the constant readiness for urgent actions (particularly in the state of monotony)


The uniqueness of our company is applying the modern computer technologies in a "human-computer" environment.

Staff policy in our company is to keep a certain stable group of specialists forming a core of the company (managers, systems engineers, programmers, physicists, mathematicians). To provide our projects with methodology we cooperate with well-known scientists who perform a “brain” center of the company. For many years we have cooperated with solid organizations, such as:


  • The Institute for Medical and Biological Problems
  • The Institute of BioPhysics at the Ministry of Health
  • The Institute of Biophysics at the Russian Academy of Science
  • The Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport, etc.


At present our company has created within the framework of the project “BioMouse” a unique system for psychophysiological diagnostics and monitoring. It presents a computer mouse with built-in sensors registering photoplethysmogram, galvanic skin response, and electrical skin resistance.


These sensors may be nested in various manipulators and human interface devices (joystick, keyboard, receiver, mobile phone, steering wheel, control panel, etc.). Suchlike means can be widely applied in different spheres of human activity.





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