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NeuroLab Company announces that as a result of three years' work new device for monitoring of person's functional state intended for mass consumption — 'BioMouse' — was designed and patented.


October, 2007. NeuroLab Company presented its products during «China Sourcing Fair» in Hong-Kong. New home edition of the BioMouse device attracted attention of the visitors and participants. Over 120 visitors tested our product in action and 10 requests for samples were made during the four days of the exhibition. Representatives of biggest electronic distribution companies expressed their admiration with our product.



November, 2007. NeuroLab Company obtained patents for the new BioMouse device in Russia as "Computer manipulator of 'mouse' type for individual self-control of person's functional capabilities". The new device combines functions of a computer manipulator (computer mouse) with functions that allow monitoring state of health. This device is protected by the following patents: in Russia (No. 64701, priority reference No.006500069) and in People's Republic of China (No. ZL 200630130118.2). This device is now produced in series and is being adapted for mass production.


December, 2007. Middle-scale series of the BioMouse device was produced by order from MOESK Company ( (series was produced in P.R.C.).



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Product information

    What is BioMouse

    BioMouse capabilities

   System requirements


        Russian Federation patent

       People's Republic of China patent

    Technology description

    Users of BioMouse

    Price list


Product information


What is BioMouse?

This product is the first step to ‘home doctor’ ― compact, low-cost yet precise solution that can be used in every household with a personal computer for express estimation of person’s functional state. This device is modern technological solution that allows every household to use generally accepted methods that were developed for sport and space medicine and pre-shift checkup of power plants operators. These methods are based on analysis of heart rhythm variability (HRV analysis).

Using BioMouse one can easily detect his or her own state of functional capabilities ― an index that determines how well organism can adapt itself to changing environmental conditions, including working and recreation conditions, physical activity and psychological stresses, and so on.

BioMouse consists of hardware and specialized software. BioMouse hardware is a conventional PC mouse (see the picture) with built-in optical pulse sensor and processing channel. The optical sensor is conveniently located on the side surface of the mouse's case where the user’s thumb is usually placed. BioMouse software allows to perform primary processing of data acquired from the sensor, represent the data on PC screen in the form of photoplethysmogram in real time, detect the rhythm of heart contractions and to analyze heart rhythm variability.


BioMouse capabilities

  • Fast (less than two minutes time) and easy checkups
  • Data storage, selection, processing, presentation and generation of printable reports
  • Conclusion on person's functional state in every-day language
  • Presentation of person's functional state’s dynamics
  • Support for multiple users on the same PC (for family or office use)
  • Password protection of private test results
  • Easy to install and to use


System requirements


x86-compatible or x86-64-compatible CPU, at 1000 MHz or higher.


At least the value recommended for installed operating system.


800x600 resolution is required, 1024x768 recommended. At least 16 bit color, 32 bit recommended.

    Disk drives

Up to 100 Mb of HDD space is required for installation, depending on the operating system's configuration. Additional space is required for results storage.

    Optical drive

Optical drive capable of reading CD-ROM disks is required for installation of the software supplied on the CD.

    I/O ports

One free USB 1.1 of 2.0 port is required to connect BioMouse hardware to your system.


A printer supported by installed operating system is required if printed reports are needed.

    Supported operating systems

NeuroLab BioMouse Home Edition software supports the following Microsoft® Windows® family operating systems:

Windows® 2000 Professional (SP4)

Windows® XP Professional, Home (SP2)

Windows Vista®

The ability of BioMouse software to run on Windows® 2000 Server and/or Advanced Server as well as on Windows® 2003 Server was not tested and therefore is not supported, though it may be possible.

New version of NeuroLab BioMouse Home Edition software that supports most popular Linux distributions will be available soon.


    Internet Access

Internet connection is required to activate BioMouse software and hardware's functions of physiological signal recording and analysis of person's functional state. In case direct connection to the internet is not available on your PC, activation can be performed using e-mail.



    Russian Federation patent




    People's Republic of China patent



Technology description


    Download detailed description of the technology here (PDF).


Users of BioMouse

    There are the following companies among the users of our products:

  1. RAO UES of Russia
  2. West-Siberian metallurgical plant

    Our products are being used in the following cities of Russia:

    Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Zelenogorsk, Kemerovo, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Lipetsk, Moscow, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, Obninsk, Ozersk, Orenburg, Pyatigorsk, Samara, Saint-Petersburg, Slavyansk-na-Kubani, Taganrog, Trehgorniy, Tula, Khabarovsk, Shatura.

Price list


    NeuroLab Company is accepting orders of any volume for BioMouse devices. To contact us click here.


    Download our price list here (pdf)


    Download our price list here (doc)






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